E-cigarettes have come a long way in terms of popularity over the last few years, especially in the area of vape mods. If you’re new to exploring the subculture, the options can seem overwhelming at first. Let’s take a look at where we stand now with e-cigarettes and especially how that relates to the common issue of second hand smoke.


Is it safe?


Although common vape mods are much more healthy for the e-cigarettes smoker personally, how does that relate to other people in the room and the issue of potential second hand smoke? Obviously, smoking tobacco around other people creates a fairly significant risk of inhalation and risk. There is a reason that there are laws passed that make sure parents don’t smoke in cars with their children – it is one thing to choose the risk for yourself and quite another when you’re choosing the risk for someone else. However, the question is about vape mods and their risk for second hand issues. See  more here: http://vaporizer-pen.org/the-healthier-benefits-of-your-vaporizer-pen/


What are the risks?


Although using a vape mod instead of tobacco can be healthier for you, especially depending on how much you were smoking in the first place, vaping is not without its own risks. This is especially risky if the vape user is using a nicotine based e-juice, which are fairly popular the more e-cigarettes are used as a smoking alternative. The plume that you’re exhaling will also consist of nicotine, which means there is definitely a second-hand nicotine inhalation risk. As we all know, nicotine is potential cancer causing agent, even with just second-hand inhalation. Also, some of the more popular e-juice varieties have been known to contain formaldehyde and a chemical called nitrosamine which has been compared to lead in terms of its relationship to neurotoxicity. In fact, the actual toxin level in a vape mod has been said to be from 10 – 450 times the toxin level of a traditional cigarette.


So, should I quit?


Especially if you regularly use your vape mod around your friends and family, if you can quit it would be a great idea! Consider how much you were smoking tobacco before and what your regular e-cigarette use currently is.If you were a pack tobacco smoker prior to starting to use a vape mod and you’re only using your vape mod a few times a day, the risk might be worth it. If you’re a frequent vape mod user during the day, you may want to try to go without it for a while and see if it’s a habit that can be replaced with something with less risk.


E-cigarettes are very popular, but are they safe? Unfortunately, there are similar if not increased and different risk factors involved with using a vape mod in place of a traditional tobacco cigarette and you should research them and make decisions at your own risk. Also, be aware that vape mods do present the risk of second-hand toxin inhalation for your friends and loved ones.  See more this site: http://www.wolflakewellness.com/important-e-liquid-tips-and-aspects/


Where we stand now: E-cigarettes and Second Hand Smoke